Boat-leakage-alarm | PG-4300 Boat-leakage-alarm | PG-4300
Boat-leakage-alarm | PG-4300 Boat-leakage-alarm | PG-4300
Boat-leakage-alarm | PG-4300
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GSM detector | 12V with electronic water sensor

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Boat leakage alarm with SMS

Compact boat leakage alarm with sensitive electronic water sensor and built-in GSM alarm detector. For detecting water in places where there is no mains power.
The leak alarm signals via the GSM network when the sensor is wet. The built-in battery has a long service life, thanks to its very low power consumption.
The water sensor is connected to the boat leakage alarm via a flexible cable with a plug connector. Extension cables of 5 or 10 m are available as an option. The maximum distance between the sensor and the GSM alarm is thus 11.5 m.
SMS message to 5 phone numbers
This mobile phone leak alarm automatically sends an SMS and/or a call in the event of a leak. You can set 1 to 5 different phone numbers for this purpose. These are called consecutively in the event of an alarm until someone answers.

Low-power leakage alarm

The boat alarm runs for at least 1 year on a set of batteries and also sends an SMS when they are low.
When using an external 12 Vdc power supply (battery voltage), it also reports power failure. This is often the first indication that something unusual is going on.

Leakage alarm has many functions

This boat alarm detector can of course also be used in other places and has various features, such as choice of SMS and/or call, automatic on/off times, free alarm texts per input, alarm delays, test notifications, etc. Batteries are included.

Prepaid SIM card or subscription

With a normal SIM card (subscription or prepaid) you can deploy this GSM water alarm completely standalone.
The package contains a Mobeye SIM card, which you can activate online for a subscription to the Mobeye Internet Portal. This is not free, but gives access to extra functions, such as online programming and monitoring of test alarms. Particularly interesting for marinas.

GSM boat leakage alarm - technical data

Water sensor: electronic
Sensor: 60x35x15 mm
Sensor cable: 1.5 m
Power supply: 12 volts
Batteries: included
On/off indication: LED
Number recognition: yes
Material: black plastic
Temperature: -10...+50 °C
Dimensions: 80x60x40 mm
Manual: Dutch
Weight: 150 g incl. sensor
Quality mark: CE


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