Water alarm with flashing light | WA-1.2
Water alarm with flashing light | WA-1.2
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Wall model with external water sensor and alarm lamp

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Water alarm with flashing light

Battery-powered water alarm, beautiful design, simple operation. In case of leakage, the lamp flashes and an alarm sound is heard.
The water alarm activates as soon as the metal pins at the bottom of the box signal water. You can use and place it anywhere.
Think kitchen cabinet, under the boiler, near the central heating boiler or an aquarium. It is easy to carry and handy on holiday, for leak detection in a caravan or motorhome.

Wall mounting with the external water sensor

The water alarm can also be wall-mounted. In that case, you place the external sensor (located behind the flap in the bottom) on the floor, or other place where you want to detect water or leakage. If desired, you can fix the external sensor, using the mounting hole provided.
The compact water alarm runs on three AA batteries (not included). A signal light warns when the batteries are running low. Screws and wall plugs are included.

Water alarm - technical data

•    Alarm: sound + flashing light
•    Acoustic alarm: 85 dB
•    Principle: duo sensor technology
•    Sensor size: 8x23 mm
•    Sensor cable: approx. 90 cm
•    Batteries: 3x AA (1.5V)
•    Battery check function: yes
•    Operating range: +5...45 °C
•    Dimensions: 110 x 110 x 40 mm
•    Weight without batteries: 150 g
•    Dutch manual: yes
•    Safety class: IP21
•    Hallmark: CE

NB: works with normal batteries; these are not included.

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