DHW regulator - 136 112 60
DHW regulator - 136 112 60
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Fast hot tap water in (long) circulation pipes

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Tap water regulator for ring main

The tap water controller provides a demand-controlled circulation pump in a ring main for hot tap water. With a circulation pump, hot water is immediately available everywhere in the building. But when the circulation pump of the hot water circulation is running permanently, it costs unnecessary energy... Thanks to the DHW controller, the circulation pump only runs when necessary. As soon as you briefly open a hot tap, the tap water controller will automatically switch on the pump. During the waiting time (depending on, among other things, the length of the pipe) you close the tap again. Almost immediately afterwards, the hot water is present in the entire ring main.

DHW controller saves energy

The advantages: Fast hot water anywhere and anytime. Less wastage of cold water, because it doesn't have to drain away first. The tap water controller ensures considerable energy savings by reducing the power consumption of the circulation pump. In addition, it reduces heat losses in the pipes, because the pump only needs to run when there is a need for hot tap water.

Sensor in supply line

The sensor is a water switch, which must be placed in a vertical supply line to the water heater. As soon as (somewhere in the ring main) a hot tap is opened, it receives a signal. The DHW controller then supplies the circulation pump with mains voltage and switches it off automatically after the set period of time. The DHW controller prevents pump cycling (continuous switching on and off). During the absence of residents, the pump briefly runs twice a day. This keeps the pipework clean and the pump operational. The usual times are already set at the factory, but you can adjust these yourself if desired.

Tap water control applications

The automatic tap water control can be used anywhere where a ring main for hot tap water is present or will be installed. Examples: luxury homes, apartments, bed & breakfasts, catering, care centers.

DHW controller specifications

  • Type: Resol EC1
  • Voltage: 220...240 Volts
  • Power Consumption: 2W
  • Output: pump switching contact
  • Display: LCD screen
  • Operation: menu driven
  • Dimensions: 172x110x46mm
  • Manufacturer: Resol GmbH
  • Specifications water switch
  • Type: Resol FS08
  • Version: brass
  • Dimensions: 102x36mm
  • Connection: 3/4"
  • Mounting: vertical
  • Temperature: < +100 °C
  • Switching point: 1 litre/min
  • Maximum pressure: 10 bar
  • Manufacturer: Resol
The tap water controller is supplied with a water switch.

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