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Install your own water alarm system

Devise and install your own water alarm system. This is possible with a Water Alarm Central and matching optical (alarm flash lamp) and/or acoustic alarm (alarm siren). Automatic shut-off of the water pipe in case of leakage is also possible!

Places to protect against water damage include basement, technical room, animal shelter, garage, shed, workshop, warehouse or storage room. In addition to leakage alarms in homes and businesses, water detection is useful on a ship, houseboat or ark, pleasure yacht, summer house and recreation building.

With a water alarm with one (or more) external sensors you can monitor rooms remotely. A 2-wire pipe (with normal telephone cable) runs from each water sensor to the water detector. You can easily test the operation yourself (periodically) by wetting both metal parts of the sensor with a cloth or sponge. Then the light or buzzer will turn on.

The water alarm control panel has several sensor inputs. These serve to monitor different zones or rooms against flooding. The light indicates which water sensor is sending the message. One of the options is to automatically shut off the water supply in the event of a leak.

Sometimes it is desirable that a telephone dialer reports immediately if a leak occurs somewhere. You can connect this to the switch contact of the water alarm control panel. You can also use this contact to transmit the alarm signal to a security installation.

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