Products for ponds and aquariums

Here you will find various solutions for controlling the water level and automatically refilling with tap water

Secure aquarium pump

With a water alarm switch you can automatically stop the (230 Volt) pump if the water level in the aquarium has become too high.

An overflow protection blocks the water supply and can switch off a pump or other device if the water level is unexpectedly too high.

Controlling water temperature

With an aquarium controller you can accurately set and control the water temperature. The sensor is placed in the water. This temperature controller is only suitable for indoor installation.

Tip: to keep pumps etc. frost-free, we recommend other cables, namely self-regulating defrost cord.

Keep pond frost-free with heating cable

Tropical fish (koi) do not like frost... Those looking for a method to keep their pond frost-free can consider pond heating. Compared to, for example, a pond heater, a heating cable on the bottom of the pond is relatively cheap to purchase.

It is important that the heating cable is well distributed, with sufficient distance between the loops. In this way the heat transfer is optimal. The efficiency is high because all heat is transferred to the water.

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