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Save energy with smart appliances

Are you looking for energy savings? Here are some tips to further reduce energy consumption. It is mainly about saving on electricity consumption. 

Do you have underfloor heating with a circulation pump? Chances are it will run day and night. You earn back the purchase of a pump switch within a year.

Too hot tap water, for example from the solar water heater, causes unnecessary heat loss. With a mixing valve you can add cold water and your children shower more safely.

A ring main for tap water provides extra comfort, but costs a lot of energy if the pump is always running. With a tap water controller you can save on the electricity costs of the circulation pump.

Limescale in pipes and water-using appliances leads to higher power consumption because the water takes longer to heat. An electronic limescale remover prevents limescale.

Portable electric heaters and coolers often use energy unnecessarily because they cannot measure temperature accurately. A temperature switch with an external sensor solves this. In addition, you can now read the set temperature digitally.

Image1: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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