Plug-in clock thermostat TC-300
Plug-in clock thermostat TC-300
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Week program, e.g. for electric heaters

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Clock thermostat plug in

Programmable thermostat for heating equipment. To be placed between the socket and the heater to be controlled: radiant panel, radiator heater, fan heater or any other type of electric heater.

The display shows the set temperature. If the measured temperature is lower, the heater switches on automatically.

Clock thermostat with many functions

Built in as standard: adjustable frost protection, comfort mode, energy-saving mode, holiday mode and a function that provides 30 seconds of mains power every 11 hours, e.g. to keep a pump running.

This time-controlled temperature control is useful for use in animal housing. Other applications include switching on auxiliary heating (radiant heater or electric radiator) in caravan, boat or other unheated areas.

Built-in temperature sensor

The plug-in thermostat is only suitable for temperature control in the same room, as the sensor for measuring the temperature is inside the housing.
Programming with 5 keys
•    switch on and off
•    raise temperature
•    lower temperature
•    mode selection
•    time, day and program

(after pressing two buttons at the same time, one enters the advanced settings)

Note: You need to set the times for each day separately. Don't want to program everything yourself? Then choose the Plug-in Thermostat which is temperature-controlled only.

Clock thermostat plug in - specifications

Earthing: earthed or pin-earth
Operating voltage: 230 V
Switching capacity: 3600 W
Maximum current draw: 16 A
Temperature sensor: built-in
LCD display: 37x16 mm display
Setting range: 0...+65 °C
Hysteresis: +/- 0.5 °C
Reading resolution: 0.1 °C
Memory function: yes
On/off switch: yes
Programmable: 7 days
Frost protection function: yes
Operation: 5 push buttons
Dimensions: 140x70x40 mm
Security class: IP20
Color: off white
Manual: NL
Quality mark: CE
Option: PEN earth (for Belgium)

The built-in battery takes 1 to 2 24 hours to charge. After that, the settings are kept in memory.
This product is not suitable for use in a stable or other damp environment!

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