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Switch box with temperature sensor

A temperature switch can automatically control electrical appliances for cooling and heating. The control is located in a box, which is connected between the electrical device and the socket. You place the temperature sensor where you want a constant temperature.

You can set the switch-on and switch-off temperature on the box, accurate to whole degrees. On the clear display you can read all temperatures, including the room temperature, to the nearest tenth of a degree.

Temperature switch applications

  • Automatically activate frost protection
  • On/off control for defrost cord
  • Temperature in aquarium or reptile tank
  • Replacement of defective (mechanical) thermostats
  • Better control for electric heaters
  • (constant room temperature thanks to sensor)
  • Comfortable control for portable air conditioner
  • Measuring the temperature in a cold room
  • Temperature monitoring for animal accommodation
  • Digital thermometer

Saving electricity with an electric heater

The control of an electrical additional heater in most cases has two disadvantages: 1) the mechanical thermostat (knob-with-click) is inaccurate, and 2) the measuring point is too close to the heat source, because the sensor is in the device. As a result, the heater switches off too late and heats up unnecessarily. Then you turn it off and after a while it starts again. With the thermo switch you get a much more constant temperature and no unnecessary heat is generated. This way you can reduce the consumption costs.

Energy saving for portable air conditioner

A similar process takes place with a portable air conditioner (air cooler). These usually have an electronic control, but the desired room temperature is not measured. The result is drafts and wasted energy. Here too, the thermal switch can save on the electricity bill.

For ponds and other wet applications, we recommend the Aquarium Controller, with a watertight plastic sensor.

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