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Built-in thermostats underfloor heating

Electric heating is regulated by means of a thermostat. This is an electronic temperature control, which (usually) works with an external sensor. This sensor measures, for example, the temperature ("ist value") in the vicinity of the heating source (the heating mat or heating cable in the floor).

How does a thermostat work?

The measuring point, or the location of the sensor, may be located at a great distance from the control. The thermostat switches on the electric heating when the measured temperature is lower than the "soll value". That is the desired temperature that you set yourself on the thermostat. The electric heating switches off automatically as soon as the desired temperature is reached.

Built-in thermostat OJ Microline

Dugoshop supplies, among other things, built-in thermostats from OJ Microline.
The OCD4 is a modern energy-saving built-in thermostat for underfloor heating.
A popular replacement model (also for AEG underfloor heating with a FRTD 902 or FRTD 903) is the OCC2-1991H1 clock thermostat.
The thermostat OTN2 with infrared surface sensor is useful when installing a sensor in the floor is not (any longer) possible.
If you want simplicity, with only a switch and indicator light, choose the Thermostat OJ Electronics.

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