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Heated floor is comfortable

Comfort is important in today's home. This includes a floor that feels pleasantly warm under your (bare) feet. You can realize this (yourself) with an electric underfloor heating system.

Electric underfloor heating is a clean and maintenance-free way to heat. This heater works directly on the mains voltage, without energy loss through transformers. A heater concealed in the floor is safe for use in kitchens and bathrooms. Another advantage is that you can heat more selectively with an electrical installation, so only in places (zones) where you find it necessary.

Automatic on and off

Proper control is essential for comfortable heat distribution at minimal energy costs. This is possible with an automatic thermostat and a sensor that measures the temperature in the floor. In this way, no more energy is consumed than is necessary to reach the correct floor temperature.

With a self-thinking clock thermostat you save even more energy. This means that the floor in the bathroom is already nice and warm when you get out of bed in the morning... The heating switches off automatically at the time you set.

Maintenance-free underfloor heating

Electric underfloor heating is a great solution when radiators are too expensive or impractical. Installing radiators usually requires cutting and breaking work for the pipes. It is not possible to add extra radiators to an existing central heating system.

Electric underfloor heating is therefore a good alternative in rooms that are used irregularly, such as a guest room or conservatory. Electric underfloor heating is completely maintenance-free and the installation cannot leak.

Additional heating outside the heating season

Always nice and warm feet outside the heating season: you no longer need to turn on the (central) heating if you just want a warm bathroom floor early in the morning. Thanks to the clock thermostat, the floor only uses energy when you really need the heat.

On a working day, a few hours of heating in the dining area or kitchen is usually sufficient. This spares the central heating system in the spring and autumn, which saves you a lot on the gas bill.

Heating in screed or under tiles

Electric underfloor heating is particularly suitable for cement screeds and tiled floors. It can also be used under tiles, natural stone and in cast floors. The installation is installed invisibly in the floor mass.

On a screed with underfloor heating, you can simply install floor covering, such as vinyl, linoleum, carpet, wood, laminate or parquet. A loose carpet or rug is also possible. For each type of floor covering, it must not stop the heat, for example by means of a rubber underlay.

Renovation and home improvement

Installing a tiled floor on an (already present) wooden subfloor is quite possible. However, the subfloor must be strong enough so that it cannot bend. You can prevent this with dovetail plates, which are for sale in the hardware store. If the thresholds are high enough, you can lay the new tiles on top of the old tile floor, with underfloor heating in the tile adhesive.

Benefits of underfloor heating

  • Clean heat without dust formation.
  • Heating individual zones.
  • An invisible heating system.
  • Maintenance-free installation, long service life.
  • The system produces no sound.
  • No maintenance costs.

Electric bathroom heating

You have the following options for bathroom heating:
  1. Heating foil prevents fogged mirrors.
  2. Bathroom heater for fast heating.
  3. Heated tile floor, for extra comfort.

Thermostats for underfloor heating

Thermostaten voor elektrische vloerverwarming
Thermostat THT

  • Manufacturer: unbranded (cheap)
  • Display: LCD 58 x 42mm
  • Operation: touch screen
  • Installation depth: 32 mm
  • Floor sensor length: 2.5 m

Thermostat OCD

  • Manufacturer: OJ (Denmark)
  • Type: Microline OCD4-1999
  • Operation: menu driven
  • Installation depth: 20 mm
  • Floor sensor length: 3 m

The following applies to both thermostats:

  • For installation in normal wall box.
  • Delivery includes floor sensor.
  • Switching capacity 3600 W (16 A).
  • Programmable switching times.
  • Automatically and manually.
Underfloor heating can be realized with an electric heating mat in the tile adhesive. Choose from 10 sizes and 2 different wall-mounted thermostats for controlling the temperature with pre-programmed switching times.

Mirror heating in bathroom

A steamed up mirror seems to be part of a bathroom... Yet you can solve this problem quite easily with mirror heating. This is a heating foil that effectively prevents condensation by increasing the temperature of the mirror.

Stick the thin foil to the back of the mirror. This is a safe system that is also used in hotels. Moreover, it is energy efficient, because mirror heating only consumes electricity when the lighting above the mirror is switched on. Incidentally, the power consumption is low.

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