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Additional heating - electric

Do you occasionally want extra heating in a certain room or area? Because you don't use it that often, or because there are no radiators? Then a compact electric convector or a fan heater is a practical solution.

Electric additional heating takes up little space, provides clean heat (no flue gases) and only uses energy when the set temperature requires it.

Where is additional heating useful?

The only limitation is the availability of mains power. But that makes it a handy solution for local heating. Examples:
  • scullery
  • children's room
  • study room
  • attic room
  • storage space
  • bedroom
  • cottage
  • hobby room
  • mobile home
  • scullery
  • houseboat
  • construction site
  • canteen
  • Slim electric convector
A wall convector is useful for fixed installation (no cables across the floor). This is characterized by a sleek design. It is easy to install and fits into almost any interior, thanks to its neutral white colour.

Electric convector - advantages

  • noiseless operation
  • rapid heat release
  • fully automatic control
  • reliable design
  • long lifespan
  • sleek design
  • Warming up a cold car

With a cabin heater you can warm up your cold car very quickly.

This is especially useful if the car is still in the garage. This is safer than running the engine and within 10 minutes it is nice and warm in the car. Can also be used to defrost the car windows.

Accurate digital temperature control

In combination with a temperature switch, you can easily limit the power consumption of any portable electrical booster heater.

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