Heating panel for decentralized comfort heating

You can use these heating panels wherever mains voltage is available: at home in your study or guest room, student room, shop, canteen, houseboat, etc. Also suitable for keeping a summer house or chalet frost-free.

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Works wherever there is 230 Volt

Clean heat from the socket. For example, if you only use the study during the day, the heating for the rest of the house can remain switched off. That saves a lot of energy and is especially interesting if you have solar panels.

Safe additional heating

These heating panels are double insulated and splash-proof. That is why you may also use this additional heating in a bathroom, at least 60 cm away from taps and showers.

Silent heating

This heating panel is very quiet because there is no fan in it. It spreads its heat to the front over its entire length via a special grille.

Placement of the heating panel

This type of panel is specifically intended for wall mounting. Placement is preferably done under a window. Mounting to the wall is easy. Protective earth is not necessary because the device is double insulated.

Accurate temperature control

The heating panel creates a circulation of warm air that you can precisely set with the built-in thermostat. This means the highest possible comfort with the lowest possible energy consumption.

Next to the control knob is an on/off switch. A cover ensures child-safe operation. Furthermore, this electric heater is equipped with a built-in protection against overheating.

Required heat output

To determine the required heating capacity, you should start from the surface area (in m²) of the relevant room. The values in the table below are averages:

2...7 m² = 400 watts
3...10 m² = 600 watts
9...12 m² = 800 watts
12...16 m² = 1000 Watts
14...20 m² = 1250 Watts
18...25 m² = 1500 Watt
22...32 m² = 2000 Watts

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