Access control for more security

Access control with PIN code lock: anyone who knows the secret code can enter. This is useful when certain people are allowed free access during the day, while you prefer not to give them a key.

With access control, employees, suppliers and regular visitors can enter without calling. A code lock at the door can also serve to restrict access to certain areas within a building, such as the warehouse.

Keypad for PIN code

The code lock for access control is built into a keypad that is mounted next to the door. Each user enters their own code (a light touch is enough) when they want to enter. If the code is correct, the lock is released and the door can be opened.

Better than mechanical code lock

Compared to mechanical code locks, this access control offers important advantages:
  1. User comfort: the code lock panel can be mounted at eye level so that the numbers can be clearly seen. A mechanical lock is lower (usually in the door handle) and is therefore more difficult to operate.
  2. Service life: the electronic panel contains no moving parts, is not subject to wear and therefore lasts longer.
  3. Security: assigning or withdrawing personal codes is faster and easier.
  4. Access beep: the code lock gives a short beep if the code is correct and access is released. This benefits the life of the door.

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