Flow switch | FLO-SW1 Flow switch | FLO-SW1
Flow switch | FLO-SW1 Flow switch | FLO-SW1
Flow switch | FLO-SW1
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Switches 24...230 volts | changeover contact 8 A | large m3/h range

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Flow switch for pump or valve

The flow switch can control a pump, operate a solenoid valve or generate an alarm.
The built-in microswitch is controlled by a paddle, which is placed in the flowing water.
At a certain volume flow (pressure), this movable paddle activates the switching contact. This switching point is adjustable by means of a screw.

Water and non-aggressive fluid

This flow switch with 1" connections is suitable for water and non-aggressive liquids.
Included in the scope of delivery are four different stainless steel paddles, respectively 30, 48, 79 and 156 mm long. This allows this flow switch to be used in a range of 0.8...200 m3/h.

Applications flow switch

This is an industrial-grade flow switch. For air conditioning, refrigeration, boiler and heating plants, building automation, agricultural, sprinkling, fish ponds, etc.

Pipe diameter and water volumes

The flow switch is screwed into the pipe via a thumb fitting. Delivery includes paddles (metal strips) for setting the correct switch value.
The paddle choice depends on pipe diameter (from 0.5 to 8 inches) and the number of cubic metres per hour of water displacement. The manual contains a table with these values.

Flow switch - technical data

•    Principle: water flow monitoring
•    Housing: plastic ABS
•    Housing dimensions: 134x70x65 mm
•    Type: microswitch/ paddle
•    Ambient temperature: -40...+85 ºC
•    Medium temperature: -25...+120 °C
•    Range/ diameter of pipe: 0.5...8"
•    Maximum line pressure: 15 bar
•    Humidity/environment: 10...95% RH
•    Contact: single-pole changeover NO/NC
•    Screw terminals: 3x 1.5 mm²
•    Cable gland: PG20 (cable Ø 6...9 mm)
•    Own power supply: not applicable
•    Switching voltage: 24...250 V
•    Switching current: < 8 A (230 V)
•    Switching current: > 150 mA (24 V)
•    Screw mounting: 1" connection
•    Safety class: IP65
•    Included: 4 paddles
•    Weight: 490 g
•    Quality mark: CE

Instruction/ connecting terminals

Contact 1 = red = common/ supply
Contact 2 = blue = NO/ for switching on
Contact 3 = yellow = NC/ for switching off
Bare metal = Terminal for protective earth

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