Float switch | BIL-FS Float switch | BIL-FS
Float switch | BIL-FS Float switch | BIL-FS
Float switch | BIL-FS
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Switches 12 or 24 volts | maximum 10 amps

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Float switch for pump or alarm

The float switch consists of a switching contact in a waterproof float, which moves with the water level.

In the idle position, the contact is off and only at +5 cm water level is it activated.

This height is measured from the underside of the foot; the switch position is therefore determined by the installation height. Installation is easy.

This float switch contains no mercury or sensitive electronics.

Switching a pump

You can directly control a low-voltage water pump (12 or 24 volts) to automatically maintain the water level at a certain height: control range +/- 30 mm.

You can use this float switch to switch a bilge pump on and off, for example, to pump water out of a boat automatically.

Switching on or off

The mechanism of the float switch also works the other way round! If you mount it 'upside down', it can switch a pump or other device OFF when it reaches the maximum position. Again, a difference of about 30 mm between the off and on levels applies.

Water sensor with switching contact

The float switch can also be used as a detector for high water, e.g. in a basement or monitoring near a machine.

Especially in polluted water, the float switch acts as a reliable water sensor. Please note that at least 5 cm of water is required for an alarm signal!

Switch-on and switch-off point

This float switch has a hysteresis: the switch-on point is at approx. +5 cm and the switch-off point at +2 cm. Within these distances, measured from the bottom of the foot, you can therefore automatically control a water level.

Float switch - technical data

Type: robust float
Housing: waterproof
Corrosion-proof: yes
Rustproof: yes
Dimensions LxWxH: approx. 125x45x65 mm
Upper position: H = 100 mm
Material: plastic float + base
Contact: potential-free NO contact
Own power supply: not applicable
Switching voltage: 12...32 Vdc
Switching current: < 10 A (24 Vdc)
Connection cable length: 2x 100 cm
Installation: horizontal (floor)
Material: ABS, white
Weight: 110 g
Quality mark: CE
NB: Minor deviations in specifications reserved. Not suitable for 230-volt devices, such as pumps.


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