Aqua revision kit Aqua revision kit
Aqua revision kit Aqua revision kit
Aqua revision kit
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Field winding with clamps for Aqua 1000/2000/2500

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Lime Neutralizer Revision Kit

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The assembly kit is specifically designed to facilitate the process of installing a field winding. It is important to note that this particular assembly kit is only suitable for use with the Aqua 1000 and Aqua 2000 models.

The field winding is an essential component of the piping system and may be necessary after relocating or replacing a pipe. It provides the required electrical current to ensure proper functioning of the system. By using the assembly kit, the field winding can be installed accurately and efficiently, thereby improving the overall performance of the piping system.

The application of the assembly kit is particularly relevant after relocating or replacing a pipe. When modifications are made to the piping system, it may be necessary to adjust the field winding to ensure the system operates correctly. Utilizing the assembly kit streamlines the process of installing the field winding, reducing installation time and minimizing the chances of errors.

The assembly kit includes all the necessary components and instructions to facilitate a smooth installation process. It is important to ensure that the kit is only used with the specific Aqua 1000 and Aqua 2000 models, as they are designed to work seamlessly with the corresponding piping systems.

Overall, the assembly kit provides a practical solution for installing a field winding after relocating or replacing a pipe. By using this kit, installers can work efficiently and ensure optimal performance of the piping system.


  1. The water pipe must be clear over a length of 17 cm.
  2. Clean the pipe at the location and remove any paint or insulation.
  3. Wrap the PVC strips around the pipe as shown in the diagram (cut off any excess).
  4. Apply the two aluminum foil strips around the PVC insulation.
  5. Install the metal clamps around the foil wraps at the center.
  6. Connect both signal wires to the plug connector of the connection clamps.
  7. Reapply any pipe insulation if necessary.


  • Maximum Pipe Diameter: 50 mm
  • Insulation Material: 2 strips
  • Field Winding: 2 strips (self-adhesive)
  • Assembly: 2x 2 screw clamps

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