Air duct heaters for round ducts

  • Diameters from 100 to 250 mmØ
  • Heating element, 230 V, 1 phase
  • Heat outputs 500...3000 Watt


Air duct heaters for additional heating

Electric duct heaters bring heated air into a room to increase comfort.

Additional heating in all-electric home

Modern sustainable homes (passive house) are so well insulated that additional heating is only required during extreme cold. An electric duct heater can provide good services for this. It is easy to install during new construction or modernization.

Decentralized post-heating

In a building with an air handling unit, extra heat can be provided in individual rooms. Placing a duct heater is less expensive than installing a water-fed system to raise the temperature locally.

Preheater for heat recovery and ventilation

By installing a duct heater, cold outside air can be preheated before it enters a heat recovery unit. Another application is the preheating of cold ventilation air. With limited electrical power, better living comfort and sufficient ventilation are achieved. This is also a practical solution in small shops, requiring a relatively limited investment.

Duct heaters with higher capacities (3 phases) are available on request.

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