Basement pump switch | WPS3000 Basement pump switch | WPS3000 Basement pump switch | WPS3000 Basement pump switch | WPS3000
Basement pump switch | WPS3000 Basement pump switch | WPS3000 Basement pump switch | WPS3000 Basement pump switch | WPS3000
Basement pump switch | WPS3000
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Sensor for maximum water level | adjustable pump-off delay

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Water alarm and cellar pump switch/level controller with switch-off delay on the 230 V output. This adjustable lag time prevents dry-running of the basement pump.


Application 1 - Water alarm: as soon as water reaches the sensor, the relay will switch. This allows an acoustic alarm to be activated for a set time (maximum 10 minutes).

Application 2 - Level limit: automatic activation of a pump at a certain position (height) of the water. After the water has sunk sufficiently, the pump automatically switches off.

The basement pump switch works as a water alarm and can be used, for example, in a crawl space, basement, pump well, water storage, well, basin or tank. It may be made of concrete, plastic or metal.

Sensitive water detection sensor

The sensor contains no moving parts and therefore works reliably for detecting conductive liquids, such as water.

It has a 2-wire connecting cable that may be extended up to 30 m. The low voltage on the sensor contacts is touch-safe.

Precise setting of the run-on time

Using 2 rotary knobs, the alarm switch-on time or the pump's after-running time can be accurately adjusted (coarse and fine) to any value between 0 and 10 minutes. This setting determines the amount of water pumped out per cycle.

The basement pump switch has a sturdy plastic housing for wall mounting. The front panel contains LED lights for on/off, relay and switching point. The mounting height (level) of the water sensor determines the switching point.

230 Volt switching contact on or off

With a switch on the front panel, the relay contact can be set to NO (normally open) or NC (normally closed).

In the event of a signal, this either makes 230 V control voltage available or does not. As a result, the cellar pump switch can control pumps as well as valves and solenoid valves.


Connected load: < 3,000 W
Dimensions: 160 x 80 x 60 mm
Indicator lights: 3x LED
Connection voltage: 230 V
Output: 230 V 'socket
Power consumption: approx. 1.5 W
Switch-off delay: 0...10 min
Operating temperature: -15...+40 °C
Sensor input: RJ45 connector
Sensor connection cable: 10 m
Safety class: IP 20
Manual: English+Dutch
Quality mark: CE
Delivery includes 1 sensor
Options: standard or stainless steel
both with 10 m connecting cable

Click for water leakage alarms.

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Estéban - 25-01-2024 16:32

Prima schakelaar, makkelijk instelbaar, exact op de juiste tijdsduur te schakelen. In mijn geval een kelderpomp die alleen moet worden ingeschakeld wanneer een putje vol is. De pomp die ik heb is uitstekend, maar schakelt niet altijd meer goed uit. Nu kan ik heel precies schakelen, zodat de pomp niet meer droog loopt.
Overigens heldere productinformatie en goed voorlichting en hulp via de mail.

Mark - 30-11-2023 17:03

Goed apparaat dat werkt zoals het beschreven is. De bediening is overzichtelijk en indicatieleds zijn nuttig. De sensor reageert betrouwbaar op het waterniveau.

kees - 13-06-2023 22:13

Ophangen aansluiten en werkt perfect, beetje vreemd als je de rvs sensor besteld ook de standaard sensor krijgt.

Tom De Bondt - 17-03-2022 20:35

Lijkt helemaal te werken zoals gedacht. Top!

Jannes - 04-03-2022 20:59

Goede en makkelijk te bedienen pompschakelaar. Nadat het water onder het niveau van de voeler is gezakt schakelt hij uit na een eenvoudig in te stellen vertraging. Kwaliteit ziet er goed uit.

Kevin - 15-10-2021 17:45

Zeer goed,snelle levering

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