Defrost cord FV-10 Defrost cord FV-10
Defrost cord FV-10 Defrost cord FV-10
Defrost cord FV-10
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Self-regulating and waterproof | thermal capacity 10 Watt/m

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Anti-freeze solution for pipes, drainage, condensate drainage, and more. The only thing you need is a grounded outlet.

This robust anti-freeze cable is self-regulating and its heat emission depends on the ambient temperature. Therefore, this heat cable can never become too hot. This type of freeze-proof cable is also safe for use on polyethylene or other plastic water pipes.

Self-regulating: cannot become too hot

The colder the environment, the lower the resistance of the carbon body in the cable. This means that the most heat is automatically emitted in the coldest places.

The anti-freeze cable is a ready-to-use solution. It is also convenient for temporary use, such as for events. The anti-freeze cable does not contain substances that are harmful to (use in) drinking water and may therefore also be applied inside a water pipe.

Prevent damage caused by freezing of: water pipes, faucets, water meters, sewer pipes, drain pipes, drain holes, water pipes in a barn, drinking troughs, drinking gutters, flower beds (in the ground), condensate drainage from boilers, gutters, drain pipes, water sources.
Anti-freeze cable also helps prevent mold formation due to moisture.

Good for use in humid environments: homes, farms, basements, garages, sheds, animal shelters, greenhouses, summer houses, marinas, motor yachts, houseboats, caravans, toilet facilities, etc.

Anti-freeze cable is ready-to-plug-in

The connection between the connecting cable (black, rubber) and the heating element (blue, Teflon) is of such quality that this anti-freeze cable is suitable for wet applications. Both indoor and outdoor. For indoor applications, a plug-in thermostat is a handy accessory.

The cable of the anti-freeze cable is protected against overheating, even when it is applied in an overlapping ("crossed") manner. For attaching this anti-freeze cable, you normally use self-adhesive insulation tape, or aluminum tape.

Pipe freeze protection

•    Indoors: freeze protection up to -30°C

•    Outdoors: freeze protection up to -20°C

These minimum temperatures apply to pipes up to 32 mm in diameter, with at least 20 mm of insulation. For extra protection, you can wrap the cable around the pipe or apply it back and forth.

Safe for PVC and polyethylene pipes

The anti-freeze cable can be used to protect a plastic pipe from freezing. It can be hung or laid in a PVC drain pipe. For all applications on plastic pipes, we recommend anti-freeze tape.

Anti-freeze cable technical specifications

•    Product: anti-freeze cable
•    Type: self-regulating tracing
•    Diameter: 7.3 x 5.3 mm
•    Heat output: 10 W/m
•    Connection cable: approximately 2 m long
•    Connection plugs: waterproof
•    Power plug: with ground
•    Suitable for earth connection: yes
•    Connection voltage: 230 volts
•    Safety class: IP67
•    Certification: CE, KIWA

Preventing a frozen water meter

Anti-freeze cable prevents a frozen water meter. A frozen water meter can be a costly problem. If you catch it in time, you can still thaw it before it freezes to the point of breaking. This is easily done by wrapping an electric anti-freeze cable of 1 or 2 meters around the water meter.

Preparing a water meter for winter

With an anti-freeze cable around the water meter, it can no longer freeze. Since this heating is self-regulating, the water meter cannot become too hot.
Unlike most other heating wires, you can even apply an anti-freeze cable in a crisscrossing pattern as shown in the image.

In addition, the anti-freeze cable is waterproof, making it safe for use in a wet or damp meter pit.

Making polyethylene hoses frost-proof

Polyethylene hoses as water pipes offer many advantages. But how can you prevent polyethylene hoses from freezing? Most frost protection cords are not suitable for this because they have a built-in thermostat that measures the temperature in only one place.

An important advantage of anti-freeze cable: it is self-regulating. This means that the heat output adapts to the ambient temperature. This ensures optimal frost protection without the risk of the hose becoming too hot in other places.

Heat distribution in the polyethylene hose

An anti-freeze cable along the polyethylene hose prevents it from freezing. For good heat transfer and distribution, the hose should first be wrapped with aluminum tape. If possible, insulation should then be applied to prevent heat loss.
Anti-freeze cable can also be used if the polyethylene pipe (partially) lies underground.

Frost protection is now easy

Frost protection to prevent damage caused by freezing. How do you do that? There are of course various forms of frost damage.

In a house, it mainly concerns unheated spaces. Heating all spaces is usually an expensive affair. In uninsulated spaces, such as a shed, there is a risk that the pipes will freeze as soon as winter starts.

However, it is not practical to turn off all water pipes as soon as there is a risk of frost. So you have to tackle the problem at the source, by heating the water pipe!

Preparing a water pipe for winter

With an anti-freeze cable along the water pipe, you prevent it from freezing. Because this product is self-regulating, it can never become too hot.

Unlike most other heating wires, you can even apply it in a crisscross pattern. This is particularly useful for a water meter (see image) or an outdoor faucet that is difficult to heat due to their shape.


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Dimitri Verspecht - 21-01-2022 15:09

Ziet er heel goede kwaliteit uit.
Erg makkelijk te installeren.
Hier gebruikt voor leidingen, verwarming, pomp, filters, ... van een hottub vorstvrij te houden.

Roger - 31-12-2021 11:42

Nog niet geplaatst, maar ziet er heel goed uit, en Zweedse fabrikant 👍👍

Anonymous - 17-10-2021 09:15

Dik tevreden. Precies wat ik zocht.

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