Electric water valve - 15mm compression fitting Electric water valve - 15mm compression fitting
Electric water valve - 15mm compression fitting Electric water valve - 15mm compression fitting
Electric water valve - 15mm compression fitting
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Electrically operated tap with 15 mm compression fittings | 230V or 24V

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Water valve with 15 mm compression fittings

Easy-to-install water valve, works like an electrically operated tap. It allows you, for example, to automatically top up water in a pond or aquarium.
The electric water valve is a solenoid valve that works on 230 V mains voltage or 24V. You connect the supply cable to the plug supplied.
The supply line comes on input 1. Only when the solenoid coil is energised does the valve dispense water at output 2. When de-energised, the water supply is thus blocked.
Plumbing, heating and air-conditioning systems
This electric water valve works on the indirect principle, as it requires pre-pressure (from the water supply).
The water valve is suitable for use in sanitary, heating and air-conditioning installations. It may also be mounted vertically.

Water valve 230V/24V - technical data

Article: solenoid valve
Water volume: < 63 litres/min
Operating pressure: 0.3 bar /16 bar
Type: currentless closed
Coupling: 2x 15 mm
Material: brass
Temperature: -10 °C/ +120 °C
Plug 230V or 24V included
Power consumption: max. 10 VA
Safety class: IP65
Protective earth: yes
Hallmark: CE
For dimensions: see illustration
+/- A = 77.5 mm/ +/- B = 92.2 mm
+/- C = 45.6 mm/ +/- D = 15.0 mm

Water valve mounting tips

1- Slide the two brass rings around the pipes.
2- Place solenoid coil around the upright shaft; then the black ring with the text and then the blank spring washer (i.e. both metal rings on top of the coil). Do not over-tighten the nut to avoid damaging the threads. (The coil should not vibrate or make any noise)
3- The plastic bag contains all accessories for the connection plug. Put the rubber sealing ring around the mains cable. Use a round cable with 3 wires. The mains voltage comes on terminals 1 and 2. The yellow/green (earth) on the third contact. Place the small black washer between sealing ring and the plastic screw for the cable entry. Fit the rectangular gasket between magnetic coil and plug. Finally screw on the plug.

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