Propane gas detector GX-SE
Propane gas detector GX-SE
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Sensor for gas detector with relay and gas detector

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Gas detector propane for safety on boat

The gas detector propane is a sensitive sensor that can detect small concentrations of gas. This enables quick action in the event of imminent danger. In addition to propane, this gas detector can be used to detect various gases:
Liquid gas (propane, butane) - 2000 ppm
Natural and town gas (methane) - 5000 ppm
Ethanol - 5000 ppm

Gas detector operates shut-off valve

The propane gas detector is placed near the propane installation. The manual states how to check the proper operation yourself. The connecting cable to the gas detector may be extended to 10 m with 3 x 0.75 mm2 signal cable.

You need a gas detector unit for this gas detector; see below under Related Products.

Sensor CO - technical data

Sensor type: GX-SE
Connection cable: 2.5 m
Cable diameter: 3.5 mm
Operating voltage: 5 V
Operating range: -10...+50 °C
Humidity: 5...90% RH
Service life: approx. 5 years
Dimensions: 52 x 27 x 29 mm
Mounting material: yes
Safety class: IP20
EN manual: yes
Hallmark: CE
Note: for carbon monoxide you need a different sensor.


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