Gas detector with relay - GX-A1
Gas detector with relay - GX-A1
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Alarm contact for automatic shut-off of gas supply

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Gas detector professional version

Universal gas detector with a potential-free switching contact. Acoustic and optical gas alarm for smoke and carbon monoxide. With display showing the current gas concentration.

Automatic shut-off of gas supply

This gas detector is equipped with a potential-free switching contact for external alarm signals.
It can also control a shut-off valve (valve), which automatically shuts off the gas supply as soon as a dangerous situation arises due to gas leakage.

External gas sensor (remote)

Professional alarm detector for various gases, including coal vapor, natural gas, town gas and liquefied gas.
The sensor selected determines which gases can be detected:
1.    CO sensor: carbon monoxide (CO) and smoke
2.    Natural gas sensor: methane, propane, ethanol

Gas detector with relay contact - data

Voltage: 210...240 V (50...60 Hz)
Own power consumption: 2 W
Acoustic alarm: 90 dB (at 10 cm)
Output: potential-free changeover contact
Switching current: < 5 A (at 230 V)
Input: CO sensor or natural gas sensor
Sensor supply voltage: 5 Volt
Manufacturing/origin: Germany
Dimensions: 160 x 80 x 60 mm
Operating range: -15 ...+40 °C
Housing: plastic
Readout: LCD display
LEDs: on/off, alarm
Reset function: yes
Weight: 405 g
Security class: IP20
EN manual: yes
Quality mark: CE
Accessories: sensor CO or sensor propane to be ordered separately!

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