GSM alarm temperature PG-4200 GSM alarm temperature PG-4200 GSM alarm temperature PG-4200
GSM alarm temperature PG-4200 GSM alarm temperature PG-4200 GSM alarm temperature PG-4200
GSM alarm temperature PG-4200
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GSM/SMS alarm dialer + temperature sensor

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Temperature alarm via GSM

This GSM detector has a temperature sensor for monitoring rooms, cooling equipment or heating.

The temperature control is useful, for example, to prevent frost damage. There is the GSM Night Frost Detector especially for outdoor use

External sensor monitors temperature

The sensor continuously measures its ambient temperature and registers any deviation. If the temperature on site is too high or too low, you will receive a telephone call or an alarm by SMS.

You program the MIN and MAX values with your smartphone. When the set limit is exceeded, the detector sends an SMS message with the current temperature on site.

You can set up a telephone alarm notification for 1 to 5 different numbers, both mobile and landline.

Battery-operated temperature alarm

The GSM alarm temperature does not depend on the mains voltage. Its power consumption is very low and it works for more than a year on the supplied batteries.

With the optional mains adapter (see picture) this GSM temperature alarm can also work on 230 Volt. This has the advantage that you will also receive a notification when the mains voltage is lost. This is an important option, especially for cooling equipment.

Suitable for any SIM card

The wireless temperature alarm contains a GSM module, for which you can use any normal SIM card, both with a subscription and prepaid.

In addition to the connection for the external temperature sensor, there are 2 voltage-free alarm inputs. Each voltage-free switching contact can be used to generate an alarm, such as an alarm contact for the protection of a (cold store) door or window.

GSM temperature alarm

The GSM alarm dialer sends an SMS message and/or a call that you set yourself. For this you can set up to 5 different telephone numbers to be called in the event of an alarm. As soon as one of these confirms the emergency call, the other numbers will no longer be called.

Operates on batteries or mains adapter

The GSM temperature alarm works for at least one year on a set of batteries and reports itself when they are almost empty.

In combination with an external adapter (choose option: with power supply + cable) you will also receive a text message when the power supply fails. That is often the first indication that something special is going on.

Temperature alarm setting options

The temperature alarm has many setting options, temperature limits, alarm texts of your choice, alarm repeat and alarm delay and SMS texts.

Batteries are included; service life at least 1 year. It can be used immediately with a normal SIM card.

Tip: With your own mobile phone you can check in advance whether the provider offers sufficient signal at the desired location.

GSM alarm temperature - specifications

  • Monitoring range: -35...+70 ºC
  • Temperature sensor: digital
  • Sensor cable: 1 m long
  • Other inputs: 2x (on/off)
  • Operating voltage: 12-24 Volts (dc)
  • Batteries: 2xCR123 (included)
  • Antenna: built-in
  • On/off light: LED
  • Caller ID: yes
  • Housing: plastic, black
  • Dimensions: 94x94x40mm
  • Weight: 115 g (incl. battery)
  • NL manual: yes
  • Test mark: CE
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