Spare parts for hotfill ballast MS1002 and MS1002plus.


Hotfill device saves energy

Hotfill makes a washing machine energy efficient, because washing with preheated water (from boiler, geyser, HR combi boiler, solar boiler or district heating) is cheaper than heating in the washing machine. Did you know that a washing machine in a family of 4 uses no less than 300 kWh of electricity per year?

The largest power consumption of the (dish) washing machine goes to its electric heating element. Heating elements must first heat up the tap water before you can use it for washing. Due to limescale (especially with old machines), heating takes longer and it costs even more electricity...

How can you wash energy-efficiently?

Hotfill means that you use hot water from your boiler for washing and washing, which is much cheaper than electrical heating. It is even possible with an (old) washing machine or dishwasher that does not have a hotfill function. There is a hotfill extension, also known as a washing machine ballast or hot water selector. To use a hotfill ballast, you do not need to change anything in your washing machine or dishwasher. That is very useful, because of the warranty on your machine. Of course you need a cold and a hot tap where the washing machine is located. Visit sustainablehome for more information.

Wash with preheated water

By using hot water from your (solar) boiler you avoid the high electricity costs for heating cold water by the washing machine. The hotfill device automatically controls the supply of hot and cold water to the machine. After mixing (outside the machine) it receives water at the set washing temperature. For the hotfill it does not matter how the washing water is heated. As a result, this system also works in installations for district heating or with a central heating boiler for hot water supply.

Why a hotfill device?

  • Washes become cheaper.
  • Wash faster (no more warm-up time).
  • Less limescale in washing machine or dishwasher.
  • Lower consumption of detergents.
  • You contribute to a cleaner environment.
  • You save a lot on energy costs.

Do you have a solar water heater?

Then you can save even more energy, because heating the water is completely free.

Hotfill MS1002plus - FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions

Does the MS1002plus also work on a machine with a water stop?

Yes, you do not need to order any parts for this. So you can't forget anything.

How do I know if my washing machine or dishwasher is suitable?

The MS1002plus is suitable for all washing machines of the well-known brands, such as those for sale in the Netherlands.

What is the difference between MS1002 and MS1002plus?

The MS1002plus is the latest generation: it is also suitable for electronically controlled washing machines. The same type of hotfill can also be used for a dishwasher. The hoses and other connection parts also fit the older MS1002.

What does ballast mean?

This is another name for the hotfill device referred to here. A "box between taps and machine", which automatically regulates the water supply with cold and hot water, in the right proportion.

Which hoses should I order with the hotfill?

If you order a new hotfill, it will be completely complete, including all hoses and necessary connection materials. In some situations, you may be left with a part. (The parts in our webshop are service purposes)

How does the MS1002plus determine its control?

A sensitive temperature sensor in the water supply provides a signal with which the hotfill can regulate its control. (Note: The first generation, the MS1002, did that by power consumption)

How should I operate the device?

On the control panel you select program and wash temperature. Then set the washing machine as you normally would. (You can set and store three different washing temperatures)

What about turning it on later?

The hotfill has a special delayed start time function. You can change the waiting time yourself.

Is my washing machine resistant to hot water?

There is no too hot water in the washing machine because the hot water outside the machine is mixed with cold water. The inlet temperature is therefore not higher than the set washing temperature.

Do I have to connect the hotfill to the water heater?

No, you connect the hotfill to a hot tap (and the cold one you normally already use). He uses the same hot tap water that also goes to the shower and the kitchen tap. With long pipes it can take a while before there is hot water.

Are the hoses resistant to hot water?

Yes, with the supplied accessories you can safely use the hotfill at a boiler temperature of up to 95 ºC. (A too high inlet temperature is prevented by mixing with cold water)

What do I do if the water is too hot?

For very high water temperatures you can use a tap water mixing valve. This is particularly recommended for a solar boiler installation, in which the water can become very hot, up to near the boiling point.

Does the hotfill rinse with cold water?

Yes, cold water is used for the rinsing programs. This happens completely automatically, so you don't waste any energy.

Does this hotfill work on all machines?

At least with all washing machines and dishwashers that are (or have been) on the market in Germany and almost always for a machine that was bought in a shop in the Netherlands.

How do I know if my machine has aquastop?

A washing machine or dishwasher with aquastop has a 'small box' that forms part of the connection hose, in the form of a 'thickening' at the end. Our hotfill is suitable for washing machines and dishwashers with and without aquastop. All necessary connection materials and hoses are standard in the packaging. (Also for dishwashers)

How does hotfill work for the dishwasher?

The principle is the same but the control routines are different. There are three rinsing cycles: rinsing away dirt at 30ºC, rinsing hot at 60ºC and rinsing with cold water. The MS1002plus is suitable for washing machines and dishwashers, because it can be set using software.

Can I connect it all myself?

Those who are a bit handy can assemble and connect this hotfill device themselves. Special tools are not required and an illustrated Dutch manual is included. Naturally, a tap for hot water and a free socket must be available in the washroom (in addition to cold water). You don't have to change anything at all on the pipes and the washing machine or dishwasher itself. The latter is important because of the warranty on the machine!

How do I attach the hoses?

The supplied hoses are connected with screw connections, which you can simply tighten by hand. Between the hoses to the taps and the washing machine, place the supplied Y-piece (mixing chamber), which contains the temperature sensor.

How do I connect the box?

The control panel is supplied with a compact power adapter. You screw it to the wall and plug the wires to both tap valves and the temperature sensor. So no water hoses come to the cabinet.

How does the leakage protection work?

The hotfill is equipped with a moisture sensor, which is placed on the floor. In the event of an unexpected leak, both taps are automatically closed and the washing machine is switched off immediately. This prevents water damage during absence.

What exactly do the water valves do?

The water valves (shut-off valves) have a quick coupling and a backflow protection. They operate on safe low voltage, via the wires to the control box that controls the water supply by opening and closing the valves.

How do I remove soap residue from my washing machine?

If you always wash at low temperatures, detergent sometimes remains in the machine. These soap residues can cake and cause blockages. That has nothing to do with the hotfill, but with this device it is easy to wash with a high temperature every now and then, which (usually) dissolves soap residue.

Tip: use Program 3 for this and set it a bit higher than the standard 60 degrees.


Make your washing machine energy efficient with hotfill
You can install a hotfill facility on any normal washing machine. For example from a popular brand such as Siemens, AEG, Bosch, Zanussi, LG or Samsung.

Even an old washing machine (which often has a calcified heating element) becomes energy efficient with this hotfill. Do you have an exotic brand? Then ask in advance whether the hotfill also works with this.


In practice, the payback period of the MS1002plus is between 3 and 5 years. This hotfill ballast is an extension that does not require intervention on the washing machine. The latter is important, because the manufacturer's warranty will expire if you start tinkering with the washing machine yourself...
Hotfill works with hot and cold water
To make the washing machine energy efficient, you also need a tap for hot water in addition to the cold tap. This is connected to the same pipe from which the kitchen and shower get their hot tap water. The hotfill device therefore receives hot and cold water, which it sends to the washing machine at the right time, in the right dose and at the set temperature.


The temperature of the hot tap water is the highest temperature at which washing can be carried out without switching on the heating element. The hotfill automatically regulates the washing temperature (regardless of how hot the water is) by mixing cold and warm tap water. In this way no hot water is wasted. Apart from two taps, only a separate mains connection ('socket') is required for the hotfill device.

How should I connect MS1002plus?

MS1002plus is the ideal hotfill ballast for the non-technical do-it-yourselfer. The main arguments:

  1. No installer is required for the piping (assuming a hot tap is present). You don't need any special tools and you don't even have to shut off the water supply.
  2. All accessories are included as standard. As a customer you are dealing with one item. Complete with heat-resistant hoses, water valves, check valves and leakage protection on both taps. Even if your washing machine is equipped with an Aqua Stop, you don't have to order anything.

Washing machine more energy efficient with 3 programs

An important advantage of this hotfill is that you can adjust the 3 washing programs yourself and store them in the memory. In this way you make optimal use of soaking breaks, rinsing options and switch-on times (night power).

The hotfill is factory set to the most commonly used washing programs. You can change it yourself (later) if you want. You can easily reset the device to factory settings at any time.

Tip: set one of the programs to 60 to 70 °C. Then you can wash once a month at a high temperature, so that the inside of the washing machine remains clean. (If you always wash at low temperatures, dirt and soap residue will remain).

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