Hot Water Boiler | Tesy
Hot Water Boiler | Tesy
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Hot water boiler | Anti-limescale and anti-legionella system | Adjustable power | 30L-150L | 800W-2400W

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Hot water boilers | Anti-limescale system and anti-legionella system

These water heaters are suitable for every household and especially for houses where hard and/or contaminated water is an issue. The heating element has an enlarged, smooth surface and has a ceramic coating so that there is no direct contact with water. Limescale and limescale deposits are slowed down considerably as a result. The anti-legionella system ensures automatic cleaning and disinfection by heating the water at a high temperature for a limited time.

Tesy water heaters | Advantages of all Tesy water heater models

Choose a water heater with various benefits and options:
  • 3 light indicators
  • Anti-frost protection
  • Protection against corrosion by glass ceramic coating
  • The water tank is automated, industrially welded for long life
  • Eco position for the external controller for cost efficiency and long term operation
  • Insutech, Tesy technology for extremely low heat losses through highly efficient insulation
  • Piston effect with patented structure of the inlet water nozzle that creates a Piston effect so that incoming water cannot mix with hot water. This provides up to 15% more hot water


Voltage: 230V/50Hz
Energy class C
Insulation: 24mm
Working pressure: 0.8MPa
Thermometer: Yes
Special properties: Anti-limescale and anti-legionella
Adjustable thermostat: Yes
Frost protection: Yes

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