Inverter changeover switch US-16 Inverter changeover switch US-16 Inverter changeover switch US-16
Inverter changeover switch US-16 Inverter changeover switch US-16 Inverter changeover switch US-16
Inverter changeover switch US-16
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Automatic 230V changeover switch | robust and simple | Input 16A

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Inverter changeover switch

This automatic switching station protects your inverter from power surges from an external 230 volt power source. It automatically switches your on-board voltage between the inverter (which runs on the battery) and the external power connection. Never manually switch cables again, with the risk of electric shocks, sparks or damage to the inverter. When the 'power grid' or 'shore power' fails, this device automatically switches to the battery-inverter.

Robust, simple and reliable

This inverter switching unit has a strong plastic housing with sturdy input connections for the cables. It is equipped with two robust relays, equipped with extra heavy switching contacts. This device has no advanced features or difficult software settings. It works very reliably and is easy to connect.

Also for battery with solar panels

With the availability of both power grid and inverter, the switching unit will now automatically choose the power supply of your choice:

Variant 1: Save the battery when grid power is available. This saves the battery when you have access to grid power (harbor, camping or other situations).

Variant 2: Use the battery until it is empty and then automatically switch to grid power. This setting is intended for batteries with a solar panel charging system, where you use as much free power as possible.

Connecting with terminal connections

The inverter switching unit contains 3 screw terminals for the 230 volt connections. In addition, there is a terminal block for connecting the earth wires of the cables. All connections are clearly marked and easily accessible; see photo. The manual contains connection diagrams.

Switching Unit US-16 - specifications

•    Inputs: 2x 230 V (16 A)
•    Output: 1x 230 V (on-board voltage)
•    Dimensions: 160 x 140 x 75 mm
•    LED indicator lights: no
•    Output: 230 V (50 Hz)
•    Fuse: 16 A (built-in)
•    Load capacity: 3600 VA
•    Surge protection: yes
•    Switching time: 0.5 sec
•    Sensor input: n.a.
•    Safety class: IP55
•    Cable input: 3x gland
•    Earth continuity: yes
•    Manual: NL, E, D, F
•    Weight: 460 g
•    Certificate: CE
Note: this product requires basic knowledge of electrical engineering. Also check our other solutions for campers.

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Ruud - 09-01-2023 10:14

Snel geleverd, duidelijk handleiding en het werkt.
Wat wil je nog meer. Hooo de prijs is ook heel schappelijk !!

Luc Van de Peer - 13-08-2022 14:00

Prachtig apparaat. Zeer degelijk

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