Outdoor cabinet IP65 Outdoor cabinet IP65 Outdoor cabinet IP65
Outdoor cabinet IP65 Outdoor cabinet IP65 Outdoor cabinet IP65
Outdoor cabinet IP65
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Cabinet with 35 mm DIN rail in waterproof version | IP65

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Outdoor Enclosure | IP65 Waterproof


Product Description

The outdoor enclosure is a universal plastic housing specifically designed for wall mounting. Its key feature is its waterproof design with an IP65 rating. This means it is resistant to dust and water jets, making it perfect for outdoor use or in humid environments.

The enclosure is equipped with a transparent front door, allowing the contents of the enclosure to remain visible while being protected from external factors. The front door can be opened for easy access to the equipment inside. Pre-punched cable gland holes are present on all four sides of the enclosure, providing flexibility for cable and wire installation, allowing for organized and neat wiring.

The outdoor enclosure is available in different models, depending on the required installation width. Here are the available models and their corresponding installation widths:
M3: This model has an installation width of 54 mm and can accommodate up to 3 modules.
M6: This variant offers an installation width of 108 mm and can hold up to 6 modules.
M8: With an installation width of 144 mm, this model is suitable for up to 8 modules.
M12: This model has the widest installation width of 180 mm and can accommodate up to 12 modules.

This IP65-rated outdoor enclosure provides a reliable and waterproof housing option for various applications, with the ability for wall mounting and flexible installation widths, ensuring a practical and adaptable solution.


Variants - Outdoor Enclosure IP65
M3 = Installation width 54 mm (3 modules)
M6 = Installation width 108 mm (6 modules)
M8 = Installation width 144 mm (8 modules)
M12 = Installation width 180 mm (12 modules)


• Type: Schneider Kaedra
• Mounting: 35 mm DIN rail
• Material: Plastic
• Color: Gray RAL 7035
• Protection Class: IP65
• Temperature: -25...60 °C
• Certification: CE

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P.A.W. Streppel - 04-11-2014 10:55

Zeer handig apparaat dat gebruikt wordt om een back-up pomp in een souterrain met garage te schakelen.
Als de vaste vuilwaterpomp het volume hemelwater niet meer aan zou kunnen schakelt een tweede pomp bij.
Een storing in de sensor is naar volle tevredenheid door Dugoshop verholpen.

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