Lime-neutralizer | Aqua 2000 Lime-neutralizer | Aqua 2000
Lime-neutralizer | Aqua 2000 Lime-neutralizer | Aqua 2000
Lime-neutralizer | Aqua 2000
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For pipes up to 50 mm Ø | water consumption up to 50 l/min

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Limescale neutralizer prevents limescale deposits

Protects water pipes and water-consuming appliances against limescale. This limescale neutralizer is suitable for large and small homes.

Applicable to both horizontal and vertical pipes, made of metal and plastic. Also for water pipes with fixed insulation sheathing. Tip: for pipes up to 15 mm, we recommend a set of additional clamps.

Also for homes with commercial premises

This lime-neutralizer has sufficient capacity for large homes and villas. It can also be used very well in homes with a catering function or other commercial premises.

For apartment buildings and utilities, there is the Aqua 3000 limescale neutralizer with more capacity.

No pipe cut necessary

Intended for installation in the meter box. The limescale neutralizer should be installed as close as possible to the water supply and preferably directly after the water meter. In this way, all consumed water can be treated.

Lime-neutralizer features

•    Function check via LED display.
•    Self-regulating, works fully automatically.
•    Not suitable for humid environments.
•    Low energy consumption.

Technical data limescale neutralizer

Works on: mains adapter supplied
Water pipe diameter: < 50 mm
Max. water volume: 50 l per minute
Dimensions: approx. 155 x 70 x 37 mm
Setting/adjustment: automatic
Mounting material: included
Quality: Swedish-made
Power consumption: 4 watts
Power consumption: approx. 2 Euro/year
Manufacturer's guarantee: 4 years
Safety class: IP33
Test marks: VDE and CE

Lime-neutralizer assembly instruction

1-The water pipe must be free over a length of 17 cm. On site, clean the pipe and remove any layers of paint or insulation.
2-Wrap the PVC strips around the pipe; see drawing. Cut off any remaining material.
3-Paste the two strips of aluminum foil around the PVC insulation layers you have just applied.
4-Mount the metal clamps in the middle around the foil wraps.
5-Connect both signal wires to the plug connector of the terminals.
6-Replace any pipe insulation.
7-Mount the device, using the screws and drilling template provided.
8-Put the mains power supply into the socket and connect the power cable.
9-The limescale neutralizer performs a start-up routine and is operational after about 1 minute. The comprehensive manufacturer's manual, with drilling template, is in the packaging.

Tip: Are you moving house or replacing the water mains? Then order an Aqua 2000 revision set.

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