Lime neutralizer Aqua 3000 Lime neutralizer Aqua 3000
Lime neutralizer Aqua 3000 Lime neutralizer Aqua 3000
Lime neutralizer Aqua 3000
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For swimming pools, hotels, etc. | water volume up to 200 litres/min

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Limescale neutralizer for utilities

High-capacity electronic limescale neutralizer for water pipes up to 75 mm in diameter.

This anti-scale device is completely maintenance-free. No water pipe disconnection is required for installation.

This limescale neutralizer works with an inductive coupling around the main pipe and prevents limescale in water installations:

•    Hospitality and leisure
•    Apartment buildings
•    Agricultural applications
•    Swimming pool installations

For installations up to 200 litres/min.

The Aqua 3000 is suitable for installations with high water consumption: flats and residential blocks, apartment complex, department store, public buildings, supermarket, office building, catering industry, hotel, dentist's practice, swimming pool, school, hospital, care center, care farm, sports complex, leisure park, car wash installations, slaughterhouse, farm, poultry fattening, cleaning and rinsing installations.

We recommend the Aqua 2000 for residential buildings, with or without a small commercial area.

Special features Lime-neutralizer

•    Safe design: double-insulated.
•    Industrial housing: dustproof and waterproof.
•    Indication of operation: LED signal light.

Operation Aqua 3000 limescale neutralizer

The Aqua 3000 generates a field, whose amplitude and frequency are matched to the water flowing through the main pipe. You do not need to adjust this anti-limescale system; it can test itself and works completely maintenance-free.

Via four inductive windings, a modulated field permanently influences the mains water flowing through the pipe.

This binds the lime particles present to the iron ions, preventing them from remaining in the system. The lime comes out in dissolved form with the water.

Does not add any substances to the water

This compact anti-scaling system is effective and at the same time kind to the environment. This is because no substances are extracted or added to the water.

The drinking water quality remains completely intact, including the minerals and nutrients present.

The Aqua 3000 limescale neutralizer also cleans old systems by gradually breaking down limescale deposits present in the pipes.

For metal and plastic pipes

The field windings (supplied) are mounted on the main pipe immediately after the water meter. This pipe may have a diameter of 30 to 75 mm. Interruption of the water pipe is not necessary.

The Aqua 3000 works on water pipes made of iron, copper or stainless steel and is also suitable for a (PVC) pipe. It makes no difference whether the pipe runs horizontally or vertically.

A robust limescale neutralizer

You place the device (containing the self-regulating signal generator) within 1 metre of the pipe, which is convenient when there is limited space around the pipe. The device is resistant to moisture and dust, even under harsh industrial conditions.

For applications with a higher flow rate than 200 litres per minute, 2 or 3 Aqua 3000 units can be placed in a row.

Lime neutralizer Aqua 3000 - specifications

Manufacturer: Trebema (Sweden)
Works on: 230 V mains
Pipe diameter: up to Ø 75 mm
Water volume: < 200 litres/min
Dimensions: 179 x 78 x 48 mm
Adjustment: automatic
Mounting material: included
Delivery: including EN manual
Power consumption: 25 Watt
Safety class: IP65
Manufacturer's guarantee: 4 years
Quality mark: CE, VDE


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