Pump switch Optimizer- TC-500 Pump switch Optimizer- TC-500
Pump switch Optimizer- TC-500 Pump switch Optimizer- TC-500
Pump switch Optimizer- TC-500
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Payback period < 1 year | for central heating underfloor heating

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Pump switch for underfloor heating

The circulation pump of underfloor heating basically runs day and night; all year round. But in practice, the pump only needs to operate when the hot water needs to circulate through the pipes. That is exactly what this pump switch does. It switches off the circulation pump when the temperature in the pipe is lower than the set value. This saves a lot of power.
Depending on the capacity of the circulation pump, you will have earned back this smart pump switch within a year. The central heating pump switch for underfloor heating has intelligent functions, such as frost protection. Once every 24 hours, the pump is switched on briefly to prevent jamming.

Connecting a pump switch

Installation is very simple: 1-place the pump switch in the socket of the central heating pump. 2-mount the temperature sensor with a clamp on the supply pipe to the pump. 3-Put the plug of the underfloor heating pump into the pump switch. Done! Checking is easy: the green light is on when the pump is receiving voltage.
The switching temperature of the pump switch is easy to set with 3 push buttons. The usual value is +28...30 °C. Delivery includes temperature sensor and corresponding pipe clamp.

Use as a thermostat control

You can also use this pump switch as a thermostat control for another application, such as controlling terrarium heating. Tip: For use as a pump switch, you do not need to change anything in the menu at all.

Technical data for pump switch

•    Switching capacity: < 3,600 W
•    Temperature range: +0...+65 °C
•    Control accuracy: +/-0.5 °C
•    Reading display: 37 x 16 mm, LCD
•    Indicator light: LED (green)
•    Dimensions: 140x70x42 mm
•    Length of sensor cable: approx. 2 m
•    Safety class: IP20
•    Manual: NL
•    Quality mark: CE

CV pump switch saves energy

Do you have an underfloor heating system with a circulation pump? Then chances are that it runs day and night. Even when there is no hot water to circulate, this pump consumes electricity.... So there is still considerable energy saving potential here.

The Consumers' Association also provides energy-saving tips and is of the opinion that the central heating pump is a nice expense on the electricity bill. This is because the circulation pump runs frequently and for long periods of time. Admittedly, the speed can be set on the boiler. She recommends setting the boiler pump to the lowest possible setting. After all, if not all radiators in the house are used, the central heating pump does not have to run at full speed.

However, reducing the pump speed is not possible or useful with every boiler. Modern boilers have a speed-controlled central heating pump, which regulates the speed automatically. In almost all existing situations, temperature-controlled control is a better solution. In fact, with the central heating pump optimizer, the pump will only run when heat is requested. It measures this via a small temperature sensor.
Installing such a central heating pump switch is very easy, as you do not have to change anything in the installation. In this way, you can make considerable savings on electricity costs. An additional advantage of the pump switch: longer life of the pump, as it needs to run for far fewer hours!


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