Lightning protection |180 110 70
Lightning protection |180 110 70
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Surge protection for solar collectors

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Lightning Protection SP10

Product Description

The Lightning Protection SP10 is an essential product for the safety and protection of solar water heating systems. It is specifically designed as a surge protector for the collector of these systems. By placing the Lightning Protection SP10 on the roof, near the temperature sensor, users can prevent damage that may occur from lightning strikes.
This lightning protection comes with everything necessary for a simple and effective installation. The mounting materials are included, along with a detailed manual that provides step-by-step instructions for correctly installing the Lightning Protection SP10. This allows users to easily install the product themselves, without the need for professional assistance.


With the Lightning Protection SP10, solar water heating systems can be confidently used even during thunderstorms and lightning strikes. It provides peace of mind and ensures that valuable equipment is protected from damage that can occur due to electrical surges caused by lightning.
In summary, the Lightning Protection SP10 is a reliable and secure solution for protecting the collector of solar water heating systems. It provides users with the reassurance that their investment is safe while they can enjoy the benefits of an efficient solar energy system.


  • Manufacturer: Resol SP10
  • Housing: plastic, white
  • Dimensions: 111x68x40 mm
  • Design: weather-resistant
  • Temperature: -25...+70 ºC
  • Certification: CE

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