MPC1000 automatic changeover MPC1000 automatic changeover
MPC1000 automatic changeover MPC1000 automatic changeover
MPC1000 automatic changeover
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Available from 2024 | Automatic 230V changeover switch | adjustable time delay

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Alternative: US-16 changeover switch
Automatic changeover switch for 230 V

Electronic automatic changeover switch for choosing between two connected 230 V power sources. Automatically switches from mains voltage inverter (on battery) to external mains voltage (if available), or vice versa.
Application: prevents plugging over at a campsite (with camper or caravan), or on your boat in port. When camping power or shore power is lost, this device automatically switches to battery inverter as voltage source.
It can also be used with a 230 V generator or solar panel system as a power source.

Switching time is infinitely adjustable

An important advantage of this automatic changeover switchgear is that you can infinitely adjust the switching time (delay): between 0.5 and 20 seconds. This avoids problems with sensitive equipment and fuses.

Preference setting with Master-Slave function

When both power sources are available, the automatic changeover switch automatically selects your preferred power supply.
For example, you can choose to spare the battery as much as possible. The status can be read at any time via the LEDs on the front panel.

Connection with terminal connections

The automatic changeover switch has screw terminals, for fixed wiring with 2.5 mm², including earth connections. In the box (see photo) there is enough space around these terminals. The manual supplied contains the wiring diagrams.

Automatic changeover switch - specifications

•    Inputs: 2x 230 V (max. 16 A)
•    Outputs: 2x 230 V (load)
•    Dimensions: 160 x 120 x 65 mm
•    Indicator lights: 3x LED
•    Output: 230 V (max. 16 A)
•    Load capacity: 2700 VA
•    Internal consumption: approx. 1.3 W
•    Switching time: 0.5...20 sec
•    Sensor input: n.a.
•    Safety class: IP 50
•    Manual: English+German
•    Glands: 3x (included)
•    Weight: 400 g
•    Quality mark: CE

Please note: this product requires knowledge of electrical engineering. Also check our other solutions for motorhomes such as the 230-volt inverter.

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