Underfloor heating fixing strip | 500710999
Underfloor heating fixing strip | 500710999
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Galvanized strip | roll of 25 metres

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Using this fixing strip, you can hold an underfloor heating cable in place before embedding it in cement or concrete.

You lay the heating cable back-and-forth, in the form of loops. The flexible tabs of the strip hold the cable in place, with the correct distance between the heating loops. No special tools are needed to attach the cable to the strip.

Applying underfloor heating mounting strip

1.    Cut or saw metal strip to the correct lengths.
2.    Fix the strips to the subfloor with screws or nails.
3.    Make a sketch in advance to calculate how many m you need.

Fastening strip - technical data

•    Material: galvanized iron
•    Packaging: 1 roll of 25 metres
•    Strip width: 12 mm

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