Water dosing system | WDS | PRO.2 Water dosing system | WDS | PRO.2 Water dosing system | WDS | PRO.2
Water dosing system | WDS | PRO.2 Water dosing system | WDS | PRO.2 Water dosing system | WDS | PRO.2
Water dosing system | WDS | PRO.2
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Dosing volume 1...9999 litres | automated water tapping

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Water dosing system up to 10,000 litres

The water-dosing system operates a solenoid valve to tap water automatically. The accompanying electronic water meter records the amount of water in litres.
Applications are everywhere where a lot of water is used: animal husbandry, nurseries, bakeries, slaughterhouses, production, cleaning plants, automatic filling of swimming pools, etc.

Water dosing system - process flow

1.    The user sets the number of litres required.
2.    The solenoid valve opens to let water through.
3.    The water meter with counter registers the number of litres.
4.    Solenoid valve closes water supply when the set amount is reached.
5.    The water dosing system is ready for the next draw-off cycle.
Advantages: save time when filling or draining + always exactly the same water volume.

Automatic water-tap system

This universal water dispensing system allows you to accurately tap a certain amount of water. The controller of the dosing system has a range of 1 to 9,999 litres, in increments of 1 litre.
When the set quantity is reached, the connected water valve (solenoid valve) automatically closes the water supply.
The water dosing system is available with or without a matching solenoid valve for tap water, in 3/4" or 1" versions.
The controller supplies (via its switching contact) the power for the 230 V solenoid valve. A valve for 12 or 24 volts can be connected via a 230 V transformer.

Installing the water dosing system

The controller's robust control box is designed for wall mounting and operates on 230 Volt mains voltage.
The solenoid valve is controlled via a switching contact in the box. The water-pulse counter transmits its signal to the controller via a 2-wire connecting cable.

External push button for serial work

When the same quantity of water has to be tapped frequently, the external Start/Pause button is time-saving. The control box has a 2-wire connection for this, so that one can place the control button at the workplace.
The last set dose (number of litres) remains in memory, so the employee concerned does not need to use the control panel on the controller.
It suffices to press the external button for each new tap cycle. In the meantime, a tap cycle can be interrupted at any time by pressing the Start button again.

Specifications Water-dosing system

The system consists of 4 parts: controller + external Start/Pause button + water meter with pulse generator + solenoid valve.

Controller specifications

•    Connection voltage: 230 V
•    Mains cable: n/a (fixed installation)
•    Dimensions: 125 x 100 x 75 mm
•    Power consumption: <2 Watt
•    Switching current: 4 A (230 V)
•    Output: NO/NC changeover contact
•    Setting range: 1...9,999 litres
•    LED display: red | 20 mm
•    Operation: via push buttons
•    External start/stop function: yes
•    Indicator lights: 4x LED
•    Safety class: IP55
•    Weight: 530 g
•    Quality mark: CE
•    Manual: NL

Specifications external push button

•    Type: spring-loaded
•    Execution: recessed/panel
•    Hole diameter: 10 mm
•    Material: metal, plastic
•    Connection: screw terminals

Specifications water meter

•    Model: paddle wheel meter
•    Connection: 2x male thread 1"
•    Working pressure: max. 16 bar
•    Temperature: max. +30 ºC
•    Installation length: 190 mm
•    Water outlet: Ø 20 mm
•    Nominal volume: 2.5 m³ / hour
•    Maximum flow rate: 5 m³/hour
•    Weight: 1050 g
•    Connection: 2x 3/4" (included)

Pulser specifications

•    Counting module: electronic
•    Safety class: IP68
•    Manufacture: Itron v2
•    Signal: 1 pulse per litre
•    Connection cable: 5 m

Specifications solenoid valve option

•    Execution: NC (normally closed)
•    Operating voltage: 230 V
•    Versions: 3/4" - 1" - 2"
•    Operating pressure: 0.35...12 bar
•    Material: brass
•    Temperature: -10...+90 °C
•    Included: control cable
•    Safety class: IP65
•    Manufacturer: M&M
•    Quality mark: CE

Mounting instruction

1.    Place the counter in the water supply pipe.
2.    Screw the solenoid valve onto the outlet.
3.    Connect the control box to the pulse generator.
4.    Connect switching contact to solenoid valve.

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