Water Leak Detector | LS618+9V Water Leak Detector | LS618+9V
Water Leak Detector | LS618+9V Water Leak Detector | LS618+9V
Water Leak Detector | LS618+9V
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Sensitive leakage alarm | works on 9V battery

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Water Leak Detector | siren + LED

The Water Leak Detector can be used anywhere because it works on a normal 9 Volt battery. This detector emits a loud siren tone as soon as its sensing pins become damp or wet. At the same time, the alarm lamp starts flashing.

The water alarm is very sensitive and reacts when you put it on your hand. This way you can also easily test the operation.

Moisture-resistant electronics

The electronics are cast in synthetic resin and are therefore resistant to moisture or immersion. Incidentally, the leak detector floats on the water.

This robust leakage alarm also offers a solution in places where there is no (mains) voltage available. It is also easy to move and very suitable for use in a boat.

Water leakage can occur in many places

Examples of use: in dishwasher, washing machine, aquarium, in central heating room, sink cabinet, meter cupboard, utility room, toilet, bathroom, cellar, animal shelter, or under pipes, water softener and boiler. It works completely standalone, without cabling.

You can easily install the water leak detector yourself, wherever water damage can occur. The battery is accessible by unscrewing the cover. Also check other water leakage alarms.

Test leak detector operation

To check operation, briefly place the detector on a wet cloth. If the battery is OK, you will immediately hear a loud siren. The alarm light will flash. A reset is not necessary; as soon as you lift it, the alarm stops.

Leak detector - technical data

  • Sound alarm: acoustic, 110 dB
  • Steel measuring sensors: bottom
  • Response time: 2 seconds
  • Housing: ABS (plastic)
  • Working range: -10...+55 ºC
  • Dimensions: ø70 mm, high 45 mm
  • Battery: 9 Volt (included)
  • Quiescent current: 0.01µA
  • Weight: 145g
Note: The warranty does not cover the battery.

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