Thermo-Lint | FV-25 Thermo-Lint | FV-25
Thermo-Lint | FV-25 Thermo-Lint | FV-25
Thermo-Lint | FV-25
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Self-regulating and waterproof | thermal capacity 25 Watt/m

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Thermalint prevents freezing

Thermalint is the powerful solution against freezing of gutters and downpipes. Also suitable for temporary use, e.g. to prevent roof leakage.
All you need is a plug socket (or extension cable) with protective earth. In combination with a winter thermostat, you can leave the plug in without extra energy consumption. ALTERNATIVE: TC-500 THERMOSTAAT. With the TC-500 you have more options and you can, for example, set your own switching temperatures. For indoor use, we recommend a defrost cable.

More heat at low temperature

This robust thermalint produces a lot of heat. It is self-regulating and its heat capacity depends on the ambient temperature: where the cable comes into contact with snow or ice, it will release more heat. The colder the environment, the lower the resistance of the carbon body in the cable. For fixing, use self-adhesive insulation tape or mounting kit.

Thermal ribbon applications

•    In gutter, drainpipe or sewage pipe
•    On 75...110 mm water pipes
•    Heat pumps and other appliances
•    Roof units for air-conditioning and hvac equipment
•    Around water pipes to houseboats

Thermalint may be used in soil and water

Thermalint is strong and may be used underground, in water and (partly) indoors. The connection between the connecting cable and the heating element is of such quality that this thermal ribbon is suitable for wet applications. It is protected against overheating even when the ribbon is applied overlapping ("crossed").
Frost protection of thick pipe
Example: with Thermalint, you can protect a 110 mm diameter pipe fitted with 20 mm insulation from severe frost, down to -30 °C.

Thermalint technical data

•    Thermal capacity: 25 W/m
•    Type: self-regulating tracing
•    Diameter: 11x6 mm (oval)
•    Connection cable: H07RN-F
•    Connecting cable: approx. 4 m long
•    Connection sleeves: watertight
•    Mains plug: earthed
•    Suitable for pin earthing: yes
•    Connection voltage: 230 V
•    Safety class: IP67
•    Test marks: CE, VDE, KEMA


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Pieter Zijlstra - 08-01-2022 17:11

Produkt was degelijk verpakt en ziet er goed en betrouwbaar uit. Scandinavisch (uitgetest en CE-gemarkeerd) fabrikaat en dan mag je dat eigenlijk ook zondermeer verwachten. Ik hoop er nog vele winters gebruik van te mogen maken....

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