Power failure alarm | SAM1000
Power failure alarm | SAM1000
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Power failure alarm continuously monitors 230V mains voltage

Power failure can have unpleasant consequences. So place this power failure alarm between the socket and the appliance to be protected.
As soon as the mains voltage is cut, this power failure alarm immediately triggers an alarm: a lamp lights up and a beep sounds.

Monitoring power failures

•    Refrigerator and freezer
•    Computer and server
•    Security system
•    Pharmacy medicine cabinet
•    Supermarket refrigerated display case
•    Laboratory set-up
•    Surveillance camera
•    Climate control system
•    Aquarium, pond
•    Pump monitoring

Monitoring cooling and freezing equipment

The power failure alarm also monitors whether the appliance is plugged in. The alarm automatically triggers if an unauthorized person unplugs the appliance or pulls the alarm detector from the socket.
When mains power returns, the power failure alarm continues to sound, letting you know there has been a power failure. This is particularly important for appliances that do not turn themselves back on after a power failure.
Thanks to the built-in mini battery, the audible alarm continues for 12 hours, until someone hears it and presses the reset button.

Monitor or monitor mains voltage

The power failure alarm (or power failure detector) also works when no plug is plugged in. It then functions as a mains voltage monitor. This is useful when you want a notification in a certain room or situation, for example when the earth fault protection is triggered.
In the normal situation - mains voltage present - the green indicator light is lit. As soon as the power failure alarm registers an interruption of the mains voltage, both two alarm lights start flashing.
Alternative: want a GSM notification if the mains voltage is lost.

Monitoring a 16A group

A distribution socket allows you to monitor several devices at the same time. You can connect 3500 W to the power failure alarm. It is therefore possible to protect an entire group (normally 16 A) against power failure.
Delivery includes 2 protection caps (child lock) for the plug + comprehensive manual.

Power failure alarm - technical info

•    Type: SAM-1000.2
•    Connection voltage: 230 V
•    Placement: in wall socket
•    Plug/earth connection: earthed
•    Maximum power: 3500 W
•    Alarm tone: buzzer 85 dB/m
•    Alarm duration: 12 hours (battery)
•    Optical alarm: 2x LED
•    Mains voltage: 1x LED
•    Reset button: yes
•    Idle power consumption: 1 W
•    Dimensions: 130x60x55 mm
•    Manual: Ned, Ger, Eng, Fra
•    Hallmark: CE

Power failure or mains voltage interruption

A power failure occurs when the 230 V mains voltage is interrupted. This can occur due to an internal cause, e.g. if the earth leakage switch "flies out" or due to a malfunction in your installation. Usually, you can solve the problem yourself (or have it solved).

With an external cause, you are completely dependent. You don't know how long it will take. Power outages (also known as power cuts) can be caused by storm, ice, lightning, flooding, excavation work or technical problems in a power plant or distribution station. Every year, there are thousands of power cuts in the Netherlands.
When the lights go out unexpectedly, you notice immediately that something is wrong. During the day, however, such a power failure alarm does not work.... As a result, the freezer and fridge start defrosting, for example, or the aquarium's pump stops working.

Other devices (modem, router, intrusion protection installations) usually need a reset after the mains power returns. A user of an apnea device is also dependent on mains power. In all these cases, it is important to be notified as soon as possible in case of power failure.

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