Power failure detectors in the event of a power failure

A power failure occurs when the 230 Volt mains voltage is lost. This can happen due to an internal cause, for example an earth leakage circuit breaker "that flies out" or a defect in the electrical installation.

You can usually solve an installation problem yourself (or have it solved). With an external cause you are completely dependent and you do not know how long it will take. Power outages (also known as power failures) can be caused by storms, black ice, lightning, flooding, excavation work or technical problems in a power station or substation.

Every year there are thousands of power cuts in the Netherlands. If the light goes out unexpectedly, you immediately notice that something is wrong. During the day, however, this does not work as a power failure alarm... With the result that the freezer and refrigerator defrost unnoticed or that the pump of the aquarium stops working.

Electronic devices (modem, router, intruder and security system) usually require a reset after mains voltage returns. A user of an apnea device is also dependent on the mains voltage.

Power failure detectors prevent damage

In all these cases it is important that you receive a warning as soon as possible. Then the purchase of a power failure detector is a sound investment.

Dugoshop has solutions for reporting power failures: the power failure alarm that gives an acoustic signal and the GSM power failure alarm that warns you via your mobile phone.

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