Prevent frost damage to water pipes, installations and equipment.

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If it starts to freeze, water pipes in unheated rooms must be drained. When it freezes, the pipes can expand and freeze. Such a burst water pipe can cause a lot of damage and nuisance. For example, due to leakage in a basement, garage, warehouse or an animal shelter. Heating the water pipe is a simple way to prevent expensive damage.

With a frost protection cable, also known as tracing, frost-free ribbon, heating ribbon, heat cable or frost cable, you prevent pipes from freezing. Draining is no longer necessary. Dugoshop supplies ready-to-plug frost protection cables, with a connection cable that can be plugged directly into the socket.

Frost protection with heating tape

Ready-to-plug waterproof cable. Only heats at temperatures below +5 °C.
Thin frost protection cable, power 10 Watt per metre, fitted with a connection cable with an earthed plug. The built-in automatic on/off thermostat at the end of the cable forms a watertight whole. Particularly ideal for protecting long water pipes in cellars, stables, riding schools, chalets and garages against freezing. Method: Install the cable along the water pipe and then apply pipe insulation. We only recommend this cable for metal pipes that are located in the same room over their entire length.

Frost protection tracing or defrost cord

Plug-in and self-regulating. Waterproof, especially for outdoor applications.
Flexible heating cable, power 10 watts per metre, fitted with a rubber connection cord with an earthed plug. Ideal for wet applications, such as condensation drain pipe, gutter or sewer drain. Works according to the tracing principle; the lower the ambient temperature, the more heat output. You can wrap water meters, pumps, valves and other devices with it. This cable can never get too hot and can therefore be used on and inside plastic (PVC) pipes.

Gutters and drains frost-free

Therma-Lint is self-regulating waterproof cable with high power: 25 Watt/m.
For large diameter water pipes and industrial applications, such as machines and climate equipment. Also for outdoor use; on the roof, in a gutter, rain pipe or on the bottom of a pond!

Waterproof heat cable

Waterproof cable for electrical heating of patio floors or plant beds.
Robust cable, power 20 Watt per meter. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. May be laid in the ground or in concrete. This heating cable is supplied "bare", i.e. without the necessary regulation. This makes it suitable for underfloor heating, frost protection and melting snow. Order thermostat separately, depending on application. See Temperature Controls.

Keep rooms frost-free

Dugoshop supplies frost guards (mini heaters) and other additional heating for keeping rooms frost-free, such as meter cupboards, attic rooms, caravans, boats and vehicles.

An electric convector converts electricity into heat, which initiates a circulation of warm air. This is a reliable method because it works without a fan. This makes it ideal for frost protection in places where no one is present, such as a chalet or holiday home. Also very suitable as additional heating.

Keep driveway snow free

Remove snow and ice automatically with ramp heating.
Safety around your home - even when it is freezing, sleeting or snowing. Get in and out of your car safely. This is possible with heating cables under your driveway. This solution is maintenance-free. Because you no longer have to sprinkle salt, the tiles remain more beautiful and it is also better for the environment. This system can be controlled automatically or with a switch that cuts the power after the time period you set yourself.

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